Holiday in Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital and principal communication center in the country. It is best known for the Indian film industry, Bollywood.

The weather of this city is sweltering most of the year, especially in the summers. On the other hand, this is the best season to obtain cheap tickets to Mumbai. If you hate the excessive heat, you should visit in January, the coolest month. You can also visit in the first week of June if you want to experience the city’s monsoons, during which the cool breeze from the sea appears magical before the usual heat. However, do keep in mind that the rain showers are usually followed by strong dust storms, and can even make the city an overflowing porthole. October through April is generally the best time to visit this city as the air isn’t that humid and some of the city’s biggest festivals are on their way.

The flights to Mumbai are served by the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Air India provides the best airline tickets. May is the cheapest month of the year to obtain good deals on flight tickets. Cheap flights to Mumbai include Lufthansa, Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines.

Having a rich historical heritage, Mumbai is home to the finest museums. These museums have some of the most precious and rarest objects of the Indian culture. The diversity in the city’s culture is reflected by the city’s diverse collection of museums. For instance, the Prince of Wales Museum houses rare and beautiful paintings and objects of the Indus civilization. It is located right next to the Gateway of India. It has a special gallery which keeps objects from the Tibetan, Chinese, Japanese and Nepali history. If you are interested in natural history, you will find the Bombay Natural History Society very appealing. It is the largest organization of the country which has undertaken conservation of nature and natural resources and research in natural history.

The city has a number of unique and colorful festivals and events. From processions and dances to prayers and religious tributes, festivals of Mumbai are sure to fill your heart with ecstasy. The most popular of these is the Ganesh Chaturthi. This event celebrates the birth of the Indian God of knowledge and prosperity, Lord Ganesha. During this festival, a huge parade carries the idols of the God across the city and finally submerges them in the sea. Holi and Diwali are other popular festivals celebrated in the city.

Mumbai is famous for its roadside fast food. There is a variety of street delicacies consisting of Vada Pav, Panipuri, Dabeli, Bhelpuri, and many others. South Indian and Chinese food is also very common in the area. Other cuisines the city offers are Korean, Lebanese, Thai, Italian and Mexican. Mughlai and Punjabi food is also popular in the city.