Magnum Opus Creation of 7 Islands

Central Island is the signature island of Mumbai Fest, that would host performances & shows by legendary musicians, dancers, vocalists and fashion icons.

The world peace charter signing ceremony, world emissary conference, talk shows, felicitations of dignitaries and unsung heroes of Mumbai and the making of a world record will be hosted in this central arena.

A pulsating and zesty island of music and dance with bands & groups performing through the day to the live audience.

Over the 3-days, patrons can look forward to heart warming performances from local talents from the city at specially designed stages. This isalnd will also revive the rich tradition of folk music and classical dance performances.

An entire island dedicated to all things Bollywood! A celebration of Mumbai’s legendary film industry inspired by Bollywood blockbusters, live entertainment, stage performances, movie promotions and more for an experience unlike any other.

Live, learn and experience the kaleidoscopic world of Mumbai’s famous film industry with props, movie posters, cut-outs, lights & camers, movie scene re-creations and more.

The Mumbai Fest will present enthralling art forms, curated and presented in the exclusive island of art. With captivating installations, paintings, sculptures, modern art and various innovative art forms, art island will enthrall the crowd into a mind delight.

The art island will display works of talented artists across Mumbai and India. Masters from various fields of art will share experience and conduct workshops for aspirants and children.

A melting pot of cultures and refreshingly diverse influences, street food in Mumbai offers a unique potpourri of flavours that is incredibly satisfying. And Khau Gullies are where one can feel the pulse of Mumbai’s culinary culture. Therefore ‘The Mumbai Fest’ offers mouthwatering array of eats from these narrow bylanes, their roadside carts and hole-in-the wall eateries, offering visual and gastronomic treats.

A look-alike of Mumbai’s popular khau gallis, the narrow bylanes, this island is all set to be one of the most packed islands with crowds making beelines for their favourite snacks, sweets and more.

Heritage island represents the communities, traditions and monuments that have been a part of Mumbai since ages, for instance the Parsi and koli communities. Parsi heritage and influence can be found in every nook and cranny of the city, so heritage island recreates it with historic Parsi cafes and a life-size replica of jehangir art gallery. The Koli community, the original inhabitants of greater Mumbai, have been distinctly identified and showcased through their attires, food and lively dances.

Dabbawala community also finds a place in heritage island. A walk in the heritage island best captures the intangible heritage and cultural diversity and also offers ample shopping opportunity.

For the very first time every Mumbaikar will be set open to a challenge or sport or a talent showcasing act in a themed island through the 3 days of Mumbai Fest. It is an island created for the people to come, participate, present, compete, cheer or win.

Besides, with over 50 stalls to splurge on artistic delights, the island certainly lives up to the true blue Mumbaikar’s enjoyment quotient.